We got remixed by Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten!


A dream come true for us, we have been fans of Einstürzende Neubauten since we were kids. We passed the new album to him via a friend in common. Turns out that he really liked the album and agreed to do a remix.

Download it over at Self Titled>

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Eye Context is Song of the day at Bad Vibes!


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EYE CONTEXT: The first release from TEMPEST!!!

a bit more over at pitchfork:


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Split Infinitive is here

Last year we did an awesome european tour with Seb from Trans Am’s solo project PUBLICIST. Its not uncommon at the end of a great tour to throw out the idea of collaborating together. We followed through on this idea and we were able to keep this momentum going with Publicist thanks to our friends at Voltaire Records. The result is Split Infinitive. This release contains one new track from each band and then we both remix each others music. Anyways, hope you like it. This should tide you over until our full length Optimo produced album comes out (its all done and sounds ahh-mazin). Thanks for listening, you are beautiful.

“Tussle start things off with a groovy chunk of bouncy bass driven electro, wreathed in strings, and underpinned by what sounds like blurred pianos, it’s a dizzying mix of dancefloor slink, and low slung electro-pop, the production lush and softly psychedelic, the rhythms a bit dubbed out, definitely digging the new sound, and we’re excited to hear more. They also take on Publicist’s “Hand To Mouth” from the Voltaire 12″ and make it their own, pulsing synths, garbled processed vox, even bigger beats, some robotic funk swirled in, what sounds almost like some talk box, seriously propulsive and groovy.” — Aquarius Records, Highlights of the Week, Sept 23, 2011

Get the Split Infinitive 12″ from Aquarius Records
or digitally from iTunes

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Working with Optimo.

Yeah, it’s true, we are currently working with Optimo (JD Twitch) to produce our new album.  The new album will be out sometime this year. That’s about all we will say about it right now (+ that it sounds amazing so far). So, currently, we are taking some time off from shows to dedicate more time and energy to this new batch of tracks.

Optimo is known for their Club in Glasgow, for their singular DJ sets, their remixes, podcasts and for their record label, Optimo Music.

Find out more about Optimo at there website:

And I highly recommend subscribing to their podcast (it’s free):
Check out Optimo’s podcasts here:

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Soft Crush: Tussle vs Congotronics

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